Under Floor Heating with Cooling Options

Sun Flow water-fed heated floors radiate warmth from the floor up as opposed to most other forms of heating that create a build up of heat at ceiling height - heat that has cost you good money! Radiant warmth heats the floor, the carpet, the furniture, the walls and you, rather than heating just the air.

Sun Flow floors operate at around 1/3 the cost of heating to the same level by conventional methods. When powered by a condensing diesel boiler, a floor system will operate at around 10-11 cents a kilowatt (November 2008), half the cost of winter electricity. While people often worry about the fluctuation in energy prices, diesel has actually been the most stable commodity over the last 25 years. Because we all operate our homes differently, the actual cost will vary from home to home according to the insulation levels and the lifestyle of the occupiers.

Floor Heating - Basic Principles

  • Heated water is pumped through specialised pipes that are set into the concrete floor when your house is built. Depending on the floor area, each room is designated as a zone and large living areas may have 2 or even 3 zones which feed warmth to that area.

  • The heated water arrives from the heating source into a control centre which designates where the water is to go. The control centre allows for all of the information coming in from thermostats and what has been programmed, and ensures that each zone receives the right amount of heat.

  • The control centre monitors in-flow and return flow water to ensure that the correct amount of heat gets delivered to each area and tells the heat source how much energy is required to maintain the desired temperature in your home.

  • In addition, you can adjust the flow to each zone and even turn a zone off completely if you are not using that area.

New Zealand's Only Fully Insulated & Thermally Broken Floor Heating System

Warm and Cool endorses the MAXRaft Flooring Heating System for use with its underfloor heating solutions. MAXRaft is the country's only fully insulated and thermally broken concrete foundation solution. The MAXRaft system can deliver a R4.5 insulating rating which when combined with a Warm and Cool heatpump powered underfloor heating solution can deliver unparalleled heating efficiency and cost savings.

Visit the MAXRaft website or download their brochure for more information.

Choose the Heat Source

Pair your Sun Flow radiant floor with a variety of different heat sources:

heat pump

Heat Pump
(up to 400% efficiency)

diesel condensing boiler

Evolution Condensing Diesel Boiler
(+35% efficiency)

Granada Wood/Diesel Boiler
(over 2 ha area)

wood gasification boiler

Wood Gasification Boiler

diesel boiler

Serena Standard Diesel Boiler
(cheaper purchase)

ecotherm electric boiler

Ecotherm Electric Boiler

Won't it get too hot when the sun comes out?

Sun Flow floors are installed with a variety of effective control systems. Areas are zoned, with each zone flow individually controlled. It is also possible to configure zones on the warmer side of the house separately from zones on the colder side to give greater control as temperatures vary in these different areas. Our systems also come with both indoor and outdoor thermostats to ensure that all the environmental conditions are considered. Response time for a hydronic floor is from 30 to 45 minutes.

Integrating Domestic Hot Water systems

When installing a heated hydronic floor it can make sense to integrate your domestic hot water as well, heating that from the same more efficient heat source. It will cost more initially to install a quality system but there can be some real benefits.

We recommend Duplex stainless steel cylinders, carrying a 10 year warranty. These are imported from the U.K. And are welded in a specialised vacuum plant to ensure high quality joints and connections. New Zealand cylinders are welded in natural atmosphere and can fail in a short time.

Duplex cylinders come with either one or two internal exchange coils. This allows connection to a floor heat source and a solar or wet back system, ensuring that your domestic hot water is also heated in the most economic way. Duplex cylinder still carry 2 electric elements if solar top-up or full electric back-up is ever required.

One system - many possibilities - just one agent

The Sun Flow system is the ultimate way to provide a fully centrally heated home at the best possible price. There is no need for additional heating systems. Condensation is a thing of the past; allergies are reduced through the reduction in dust mites and circulating dust that often results from air heated systems.

Warm and Cool provides a one stop design, installation and back-up service.

More than 25 years of experience and over 900 installations completed means that quailty and efficiency is assured from Warm & Cool.

For more information about Sun Flow Radiant Floors please contact us today.

SunTouch Under Tile Heating

The SunTouch floor warming system features an ultra thin this profile that allows for installation under almost any type of tile or stone, including retrofitting on existing floors.

SunTouch is economic to operate. In an average bathroom uses the equivalent of about 3 100 watt light bulbs - but only when you want it to. A variety of controls can be utilised including 7 day fully programmable thermostats.

The elements are reinforced with DupontĀ® Kevlar and are insulated with DupontĀ® Tefzel. In addition, the outer surface is tough Hylar.

An alarmed monitor is attached to ensure that nothing is damaged during installation. All power is supplied through an R.C.D. giving SunTouch the highest combination of safety features.

The perfect system to heat your bathroom, kitchen, utility room or wherever you desire warmed tiles, slate or stone.

For more information about SunTouch Under Tile Heating please contact us today.

Cassette Unit Options

Cassette units can be mated with Warm & Cool's heat pump powered underfloor heating solutions. The cassette units provide the benefit of instant heat boost in winter or cooling in summer independent of the floor temperature setting.

Four unit sizes are available:

2.7kW - Unit size 580mm x 580mm x 250mm and panel size is 680mm x 680mm x 30mm
4.5kW - Unit size 710mm x 710mm x 290mm and panel size is 830mm x 830mm x 30mm
7.0kW - Sizes as above
9.0kW - 832mm x 832mm x 290mm and panel size is 980mm x 980mm x 30mm

N.B. For all sizes allow a 20mm clearence on unit size for all units mentioned above.

Heating & cooling cassette unit

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