SunFlow Solar Hot Water Systems

SunFlow Solar Systems employ products from Cap-Aus, a part of the Conergy A.G. Group, Europe's leading solar energy company.

High quality materials assure superior performance and a longer operational life - up to 10 years warranty. SunFlow Solar systems are designed to handle the harshest extremes of weather experienced in Australia and New Zealand. These systems perform at the very top end of the market for real energy gain and dollar savings.

Thermosiphon Systems

The 300 litre cylinder is mounted on the roof with the collector panels (extra construction may be required).

The system is closed circuit using natural convection and includes frost protection.

Thermosiphon solar hot water collector

Split Systems

In a split system the roof collectors are separate from the 300 litre cylinder.

The system is closed circuit - pumped, and employs frost protection.

Split system solar hot water collector

Flat plate collectors

Despite many people's reservations, flat plate collectors are still one of the best collector options available.

  • Conergy collectors use completely non-ferrous materials - no rust, long life and very little risk of physical damage.

  • Still rank at the very highest performance levels in the Australian Renewable Energy Credit Scheme administered through the University of New South Wales.

  • Our large black chrome Plate Collectors, possessing fast performance to 80°C and less problems with boiling and spilling of excessively hot water than from traditional evacuated tubes.

  • Most installations do not require a lift frame like tubular systems, where the installation angle is critical.

  • No maintenance required or checks for cracked tubes etc

SP Collectors blue sputter selective absorber (Titanium oxynitride), high transfer efficiency in high sunlight areas, iron toughened glass.

BC Collectors copper plate with black chrome absorber surface - superior performance in cloudier areas to capture direct and indirect radiation, iron toughened glass.

Flat plate solar hot water collector

Retro-fitting Solar Hot Water Systems

A key factor for efficient solar performance is the amount of water storage available (the cylinder capacity). The minimum recommended by the Solar Industries Association (SIA) is 250 litres. Fitting solar systems to older 180 litre cylinders may result in variable and limited results.

Sunflow solar hot water cylinder

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