Solar Power Battery Storage

Harvesting free electricity from the Sun has one failing - it obviously only works during sunshine hours. However, the growing availability of consumer battery storage solutions directly addresses this shortcoming and is likely to lead to a revolution in the solar electricity market.

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Enphase Solar Power Battery Storage

Battery storage is a fast changing market and Warm and Cool has relationships with a number of battery suppliers. One such system is the Enphase Storage System (coming soon) - a residential AC battery system designed specifically to be paired with photovoltaic panels.

Repurposing Electric Vehicles

As of writing (November 2016) the cost of battery solutions is in the order of $10,000 per 5kWh, however Electric Vehicles offer a unique less costly alternative to purpose built batteries. A first generation Nissan LEAF has a battery capacity of 24kWh and can be imported from Japan for between $20,000 and $30,000 depending on age and milage. The cost of an equivalent amount of storage using purpose built solutions is around $50,000. With the addition of some electronics it is possible to reverse the flow of the electricity stored in the LEAF's battery back into your homes wiring making the LEAF a home battery system on wheels ie. you can charge your LEAF with free solar electricity during the day for use over night or supplement your electricity use with the unused energy when not driving the vehicle.

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