Retrofit Low Energy Floor Heating

Until now the benefits of an in-floor central heating system, especially when paired with heat pump technology, have only been available in new home builds. Warm & Cool is excited to announce that in-floor heating can now be retrofitted into existing homes - both old and new.

The retrofitting system offered by Warm & Cool is well proven, being used extensively throughout Europe and has many advantages over hot air heating systems:

The Retrofitting Process

  1. The existing floor covering is first removed

  2. Next a closed cell foam layer (approx 38mm thick) is applied to the existing slab

  3. Metal trays are then placed on top of the foam and heating pipes are laid within furrows in the trays

  4. Finally, cement board (for carpeting or tiling) is placed on top of the metal trays

Case Study

For more information about retrofitting in-floor heating into your new or existing home please contact us today.

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