SlimFlow Radiators

Radiant heat is the most cost effective way to provide consistent, widespread heat in your home. The SlimFlow Trendline range of radiators reflect the best in European design and quality.

SlimFlow Radiator Heater display

Radiators can be added to new homes or retrofitted to existing homes using a wide range of heating sources. The slim design enables a faster warm up time and reduces the amount of water flowing through the system to provide effective heating.

Radiator systems can also be employed in conjunction with other forms of hydronic heating in the home e.g. In-floor central heating and/or wet back fires. They can be installed with fully programmable thermostat systems or with individual adjustable thermostatic heads.

When heating large areas with limited wall space it is possible to utilise fan assisted radiators from 5 to 10 kilowatts. With the use of a fan the heat radiating from the radiator is driven more effectively around the room.

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SlimFlow Radiator Heater
SlimFlow Radiator Heater
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