Heat Pumps

The heat source installed for a central heating system can be integrated with a domestic hot water cylinder. This heat source will offer a cheaper per kilowatt energy cost than conventional electricity rates.

The central heating system is designed to allow the diversion of heated water (from the heat source) to an internal exchange coil in a quality hot water cylinder. The large capacity of most central heating sources means that the cylinder water is heated rapidly and there is no detectable affect on the heated floor system.

SunFlow Hot Water Cylinders

Sunflow hot water cylinders

Standard NZ stainless steel cylinders are welded in natural atmosphere, which degrades the stainless steel within the seams and joints. This can lead to premature cylinder failure and as a consequence, many NZ manufactured stainless steel cylinders do not carry a long warranty - typically 2-5 years.

SunFlow cylinders are imported from the UK where they are welded in a purpose-built vacuum welding plant. The result is that the high stainless steel integrity is retained in the seams and joints. But the best news is that SunFlow cylinders come with a full 10 year warranty (in the UK they have a 20 year warranty, so the manufacturer has high confidence in their product). We supply 250 and 300 litre cylinders with single or twin exchange coils and single or twin 3 kilowatt back-up electric elements.

You can choose cylinders from other manufacturers but heating system warranties will not apply if the cylinder is deemed to have contributed to any system failure.


Manufactured to MEPS standards
Manufactured in an ISO9001:2000 registered factory

Outer Casing Galvanised Steel
Inner Tank Duplex 2304 (Grade 1.4362 EN 10088)
Insulation CFC free polyurethane (MEPS compliant)
Coil(s) 22mm stainless steel (coil in coil design)
Pressure Test 15 bar
Element(s) Superloy 825 alloy sheathed (2 or 3 kw)
Thermostat Immersion type (safety cut-out @ 85°C)
Solar Control Solar probe pocket
Temp & Pressure Relief Factory set to 90°C & 850 kPa
Anode Not required

Must be installed by registered plumber in accordance with the Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Drainlayers Act 1976.

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