Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps offer many advantages over other sources of heat in particular efficiency - returning up to 400% energy gains. Warm and Cool supplies and services a wide range of market leading domestic heat pumps through out the Otago, Southland and South Canterbury regions.

Air to Water Heat Pumps (Aerothermal)
Central Heating & Domestic Hot Water Systems

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At last an affordable solution for both central heating and domestic hot water. The same technology employed in air to air heat pumps delivers even higher efficiency and extraordinary economy through air to water systems. Even at sub-zero temperatures, aerothermal operational efficiency remains very high. Our systems monitor outdoor temperature, floor slab temperature, room temperature and provides early warning of temperature changes to ensure maximum home heating efficiency.

Consider the advantages of combining radiant floors and air to water heat pumps, for home and domestic water heating. Radiant heated floors use around 30% less energy than most air heating systems to deliver the same comfort level. Radiant heat warms the floor, the walls, your furniture, ceiling and you. The ceiling temperature is actually 2-3 degrees lower than the floor temperature, so there's less leakage from stacked heat. When you combine this radiant advantage with the fantastic efficiency of heat pumps the story just gets better. At last you can have a clean, healthy, simple and efficient central heating system that can operate at around 20% of the cost of running a conventional hot air system.


Because South Island electricity is derived primarily from green hydro and wind generation, the CO2 emissions are almost nil. There are no pollutants given off from heat pumps, just air - and we employ non-ozone depleting, environmentally friendly R 410A gas.


Heat pumps are simple to operate. Our systems are easily programmed and tells the heat pump exactly what to do and when to do it. Heat pumps are also very low maintenance - unlike most boiler systems.

The Benefits of Radiant Heat

Radiant floors distribute heat evenly across the room for high personal comfort. Because there's no air movement, there are no drafts around your feet or down your neck. It's like soaking up the sunshine on a summer's day. They maintain lower humidity levels that make for a more comfortable home.

Clean, Quiet and Healthy

Effective radiant heat requires lower air temperatures to maintain comfort levels which results in lower energy losses, this is due to long-wave radiant heat not leaking from your home as quickly as short-wave hot air heat convection. Less convected air means less airborne dust and lower dust mite levels as the floor environment is too dry for them to flourish - a more healthier environment, particularly for those with respiratory problems. Also as hot air is not the primary means of heating, less energy is lost when ventilating your home.

Complete Air-conditioning

Our SunFlow radiant systems can be combined with SlimFlow fancoil radiators to provide year round comfort - with the ability to heat or cool all from the one system. An air to water heat pump can supply a fancoil radiator with hot or cold water, to provide short term heating or cooling through summer when the main floor system may not be required.

Domestic Hot Water Heating

The same heat pump that heats your floor can also be diverted to heat our Duplex stainless steel hot water cylinders (10 year warranty). The high electrical efficiency results in at least the same annual savings on your hot water bill as a solar system - a 65-70% reduction, with no unsightly roof mounted solar panels.

Safe and Space Saving

Every additional square metre of floor space will cost you around $2,000. Our aerothermal heat pump unit sits outside your home and does not require any floor space at all. The control system fits neatly into a wall and the pipes are hidden in the floor so that there are no dangerous hot surfaces.

How Aero Thermal Central Heating Works

1. Aerothermal Heat Pump
2. System Control Panel
3. Optional Modulating Electric Boiler (for extreme cold and radiator support)
4. Programmable Thermostat
5. Floor Slab Thermostat
6. Outdoor Sensor
7. Hot Water Cylinder - Optional
8. Radiators - Optional
9. Fancoil heating / cooling unit
10. Floor pipe system
11. Radiator Programmable Thermostat

Advantages over Geothermal

Why there is no better choice than Aerothermal

The rapidly rising cost of energy means that at an average annual increase of 12%, equals a doubling of price in about 6 years. It was obvious to us that clean and more efficient heating sources needed to be developed in order to make home central heating affordable in the future.

Until now the NZ industry has been mainly limited to medium efficiency swimming pool heat pumps. The need is for large capacity, single phase units with high efficiency. Warm and Cool's answer is high quality air-air units re-configured to heat water and controlled for maximum efficiency. Cold-performance is also a critical issue for many inland areas here in the south. The ability to provide short-term back-up for heat pumps in extreme cold conditions is vital and Warm and Cool have the ability to provide an effective and efficient system that does this using a modulating electric boiler. In 2005, our electrical engineers in conjunction with a refrigeration engineer began seeking a way to incorporate new high efficiency aerothermal heat pump technology into our BRANZ appraised SunFlow® underfloor systems and domestic hot water heating. This led to the first installation over six apartments at Chatsford Village, Mosgiel, in 2006. The system has operated efficiently and flawlessly over two winters and is now being extended to all further developments at Chatsford. Other domestic installations have now also been completed with excellent results. In certain conditions the large inverter heat pumps can run efficiencies above 500%.

This system can be retro fitted to run in parallel with your existing diesel boiler thereby reducing annual running costs - see example below. Example: Over the winter months of 2008, a very large home in Dunedin that regularly used 900 litres of diesel a month, during the peak diesel price of $1.86 per litre, would have cost $1,674.00 a month to operate. By installing one of our high efficiency 18,000 watt aerothermal heat pumps we reduced the energy bill to an average of $267 a month (based on 18c / kw price).

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Air to Air Heat Pumps

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