Air to Water Heat Pumps (Aerothermal)

Warm and Cool supplies inverter and non-inverter air to air heat pumps and air to water heat pumps. The use of inverter technology offers higher operating efficiencies and helps to reduce large sudden demands on the power supply, they are also quiter on start up. We can supply up to 28 KW single-phase units available for heating swimming pools and large home centrally heating floors can also be used on special sized radiators.

Large capacity heat pump compressor

We use large capacity Panasonic and Mitsubishi units which provide quality construction, are amongst the highest efficiencies currently in the market, great performance in cold conditions and full technical back-up.

Heat Pumps bring floor heating into the 21st Century. They are easy to install, automatic and hassle free.

The different operation method of inverter heat pumps reduces the incidence of frosting, but where conditions are harsh we specify certain models only as they have a higher engineering level for operating in cold conditions. Good design and placement are critical.

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