Ducted Heat Pump Heating

Ducted heating can be described as a central heating system that is designed to disperse a certain amount of heat throughout the entire household. One of the most important aspects in choosing a good ducted heating system to suit your home is to properly calculate the area to be heated for the entire house to determine the correct size of the unit. It is important in a colder climate that a good quality ducting in your ceiling or under your floors is used; it should possess a higher insulation value especially in inland areas in the south. This selection will ensure a greater efficiency of your system.

Overall, the choice of which ducted heating brand to choose is entirely up to the buyer. The selected heat pump unit should be efficient as well as cost effective, which is why it’s important to look at the extra features for each separate brand and decide which would be preferable based on individual needs. Once the brand has been chosen, all that’s left is to have the heating installed and enjoy the fantastic benefits that come with it.

Warm and Cool offers the following ducted heat pump brands - Carrier, Toshiba, Panasonic and Mitsubishi. These are all reputable brands each having their own character and uniqueness. Some of the brands are packed with features to make your home comfortable whether heating or cooling ensuring it will be a pleasurable experience plus economic to operate.

Other brands can be supplied if requested.

A Ducted Heating System is an Investment That Keeps On Giving

Once you have switched to a ducted heating system, you won’t ever want to go back. It is all about providing comfort in your home at a cost you can afford.

We can also bring in some filtered air to keep your home feeling fresh.

General installations

In new homes we generally require at least one attic truss for ceiling installations. Ducted heating systems can also be installed under the floor, where sufficient space is often available.

Contact Warm and Cool today and we’ll explain why a ducted heating system is a cost-effective, comfortable and environmentally-friendly option.

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