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Adding thermal curtains and blinds to your home will help reduce heat transfer through your windows. During the winter months having your drapes and blinds fully drawn during the day allows sun to penetrate heating the contents and air inside the home.

Drawing the drapes and blinds prior to sunset helps trap this heat for the colder evenings. Correspondingly, during the hot summer months doing this in reverse will help cool the home.

Quality drapes or blinds can reduce heat transfer by up to 60% for single glazed windows and 40-50% for double glazing. Drapes should be thermally backed and made from thick material stretching wider than the window frame. Thermal blinds have a special backing designed to block the passage of air. Ideally blinds should fit snugly between the window frame and blind - any gaps will lead to heat loss.

Thermal drapes and blinds, when used in conjunction with windows fitted with a Pelmet (common on older houses), can dramatically reduce energy loss by preventing the hot air at ceiling height being cooled by the gap between the drapes/blinds and the window. The pelmet acts as a barrier impeding the natural convective flow of the hot air cycling past the cold window resulting in cold air at floor level.

This is a Duette blind which were previously only available through Luxaflex, but now are available through other suppliers and the prices have dropped. This type has excellent insulation as it has a honeycomb core which form compartments that trap air providing the insulation. Duette blinds fit tight inside the window frame trapping air between the glass and the blind. They let light in but not vision, the blinds are ideal for cold south windows like bathrooms and toilets.

Duette blind showing blockout no light penetration - ideal for childrens bedrooms. This blind has foil inside and has the highest insulation value of any blind we are aware of offering amazing performance, making them ideal for south facing windows that you might leave shut over the coldest months.

Electric blinds can be paired with convenient controllers which take the hassle out of opening and closing them. The controller on the left can be paired with up to four sets of blinds. The unit on the right can be programmed to drop all the electric blinds throughout your whole house automatically as sun goes down.

Electric roller blind, available with remote control as well as separate control on individual blinds, are convenient but tend to loose energy around the edges due to the roller mechanism.

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