European Boilers by Domusa

Domusa are one of the world's leading producers of boilers. Manufactured to the highest and rigorous European standards, they are amongst the elite in fuel efficiency. High quality construction and full parts back-up is available.

Condensing Diesel Boiler - Evolution, by Domusa

Condensing Diesel Boiler - Evolution, by Domusa

The Evolution boilers utilise a ceramic condenser on the exhaust system. This re-captures wasted heat and pre-warms the incoming water - resulting in a 35% operational cost reduction.

Supplied with a low-temperature (Max 70°C) through wall flue, it can also be flued vertically if needed.

Has a sealed combustion chamber - clean and highly efficient (98%)

Fuel tank and filtered fuel system are specified separately.

Standard Cast Diesel Boiler - Sirena, by Domusa

The Sirena boiler is of standard cast construction and does not carry condensing technology.

It is more expensive to operate but cheaper to install. In some situations it may be a more economical option.

Wood Boiler - Granada, by Domusa (optional diesel gun)

Wood Boiler - Granada, by Domusa

The Granada can only be installed on properties of greater than 2 hectares, in Otago.

The loading door is 376mm x 400mm (firebox is 550mm deep)

Flues are specified separately according to the individual job requirements.

Fuel tank and filtered fuel system are specified separately.

Coal & Wood Pellet Boilers - Ecomax, by Malcolm McKenzie (Dunedin)

Coal & Wood Pellet Boilers - Ecomax

Ecomax boilers should be installed inside a garage or an external shed.

Coal versions require a large hopper to be located immediately behind them outside the building. Pellet versions come with an 80kg (4 Bag) hopper attached but larger hoppers can also be fitted.

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